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Wessell “Warmdaddy” Anderson

Wessell “Warmdaddy” Anderson

Kayla Bertucci
Wessell Anderson

It’ll stir up a sort of cozy feeling deep down in your soul, like warm honey dripping from the lips of the gifted musicians that thrive throughout New Orleans. Wet cobblestone shines under streetlights in the French Quarter, and the sound of a solo saxophone fills the air with a melodious sound. We’re talking about jazz, my baby. As the great Wessell “Warmdaddy” Anderson, plays, the city listens. This is his story.

From the Big Apple to the Big Easy, saxophonist Wessell Anderson made his way down south after a chance encounter with the beloved New Orleans jazz brothers, Brandford and Wynton Marsalis. Anderson was just 15 years old and playing in a jazz club in Harlem. Picture this: a young teen who’s green when it comes to playing the soulful sounds of a sax. He spouts off his recollection of what happened that night as he was taken over by the melodies that moved him during his performance. He embodied the sounds that saturated the club, and so he often played with his eyes closed, allowing the music to take over his senses. But something that night told him to open his eyes, and that’s when he saw Branford Marsalis standing in front of him, mesmerized by young talent. 

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