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Nikki Greenaway

Nikki Greenaway

Nurse Nikki New Orleans

On the scale of life stressors, having a baby doesn’t make the top five—but it definitely should. So many changes come with the arrival of that tiny person, and the number of women who suffer postpartum depression definitely proves that—as happy as the birth of a child is—it also takes a toll on new mothers. 

Knowing firsthand the real struggle of postpartum depression and realizing that new mothers often need help that isn’t readily available, Nikki Greenaway decided to do something about it. She took her experience as well as her skills as a board certified family nurse practitioner and international board certified lactation consultant with specialization in maternal and child health to create her very own company. “I started Nurse Nikki in 2012 after the birth of my first child,” Greenaway explains. “I finished my Master’s, moved into a new home, and gave birth to my son in the span of three months. I quickly spiraled into postpartum depression, and I felt like someone should’ve visited me and assessed how I was feeling mentally and physically. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any resources available to help new mothers. My brother in Atlanta challenged me to be the change I wanted to see, so I created the Nurse Nikki model of care, which has blossomed into Bloom Maternal Health. My business is my therapy.”  

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