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Chris & Tess Strickland

Chris & Tess Strickland

Tess & Chris Strickland

For most people, tripping on the dance floor would be unforgettably embarrassing, but for Tess Robin, the night she tripped and fell on the dance floor at a local club in 2016 was unforgettable for other reasons. Having just lost her footing, the last thing she might have expected to find was a helping hand to pick her back up…but more than that, the last thing she would have ever expected was that that hand would be there to pick her up forever.  

Proving himself chivalrous on the dance floor that fateful night in the French Quarter earned Chris Strickland a date with Tess, and the couple dated for just over a year before Chris once again held out his hand—this time, not to help Tess up, but to give her a ring. “City Park is my favorite place in New Orleans. I used to live right across the street from it, so Chris and I would go there on walks all of the time. Early one Saturday morning, Chris insisted that we go for a walk, which I thought was strange. I understood why when he stopped and proposed right under the peristyle,” recalls Tess of the day in October 2017 when Chris made her dreams come true.

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