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The Porch-trait Artist

The Porch-trait Artist


When 2020 began, no one could have foreseen the events that would forever change the way the world works or the months that we have found ourselves cut off from the daily things that make our lives work. Friends and family separated, communities at a standstill, waiting for a time when we no longer have to keep ourselves at such a distance. During these long days of quarantine, we seek to find ways to stay connected, looking for joys in the midst of such times as these. Together, we find the strength to make it through, though we might be apart. Together, we share a hope for times when we will rejoin the world outside of ourselves. But while we wait, artists like photographer Randy Krause Schmidt find ways to remind us of the importance of relationships.

“After all of this started, my amazing sister Caroline gave me an amazing idea. As a nurse practitioner, she was seeing patients everyday and thought that I could help provide something that would bring joy and positivity to people during these times,” Schmidt explains.

“When the stay-at-home ordinance was announced, all of my scheduled photo shoots and events were immediately canceled. Creating ‘Porch-traits’ has been an amazing transition in my business where I can still work with my existing clients and meet a new audience. It has reminded me of the importance of relationships and to be thankful for everyone’s support of small businesses like mine during this time,” he goes on.

“I think that each family immediately enjoyed the distraction of having something to look forward to, get dressed, and having something on their schedule. The most common reaction has been laughter and joy at the end of the session. It’s been so special to capture moments such as a family with their newborn, a couple getting engaged, and a son graduating this May. My photography business has always focused specifically on food photography and events, but Porch-traits has shown me the amazing relationships you can create with customers by capturing these unique and special times in their lives.”

To learn more about Randy Krause Schmidt, visit or find him on Instagram @randypschmidt.

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