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Light It Up!

Light It Up!


Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights

The cobbled streets, the wrought iron balconies, the intricate architecture… and, of course, the flickering flames of the iconic copper gaslamps. These are some of the sights famous to New Orleans and the French Quarter, the very hallmarks of its landscape. And while times may have changed, bringing progress and innovation to supersede some of the very processes that created the beauty for which the city is known, it is those gaslamps that have kept their light burning strong.

The story of the city’s most iconic gaslamps begins with a metalsmith by the name of Andrew Bevolo, Sr., a man who had honed his skills while working for Ford, Sikorsky Aircraft, and Higgins Industries during World War II but only truly began to use his creativity when he opened his own metal repair business on Royal Street in New Orleans. Naturally, his work included fixing old streetlights; and it was during one evening spent hard at work that the sounds coming from his shop caught the attention of renowned architect A. Hays Town. Needing a custom light, Town approached Bevolo—and the rest, as they say, is history.

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