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Jacquelyn & Todd Bruno

Jacquelyn & Todd Bruno

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The term “parking” is a familiar one for young lovers wanting to squeeze out a little more time with one another before parting for the night, but for Jacquelyn LaRussa and Todd Bruno, it was parking in the literal sense that got them together in the first place. “We had known of each other prior to our first ‘formal’ introduction, but—long story short—we actually met one evening when he was cooking out with some of his friends who lived in my apartment complex. I was coming home from a friend’s birthday dinner, and he had parked his car in such a way that I had to ask him to move it so that I could get into my parking spot. He said he would—if I’d come up to his friend’s place to have a drink with him! I did, and the rest is history!” Jacquelyn laughs.

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