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Henry’s Heart

Henry’s Heart

Henry's Heart

“He’s a walking miracle, and that really impacted us and compelled us to help spread awareness about CHD and to help other CHD families.”

Heart disease is a diagnosis that is devastating at any age, but even more so when that diagnosis is being given to a baby or a child. These years are a time that should be filled with hope and joy, with laughter and innocence, with learning, exploring and discovering, as the whole world is new and big and limitless with possibility. It is a time when the future is boundless and an entire lifetime has yet to be lived, and the biggest worry lies in tricking Mommy and Daddy into allowing an extra snack. But this condition has a huge impact on everything, turning what infancy and childhood should be into a dream that might not be within reach.

For the family of Henry Aucoin, a diagnosis of congenital heart defect when Henry was still in utero, clouded their hopes for a normal childhood, filling their days with surgery after surgery and the fear that he might never grow up.Miraculously, Henry defied the odds stacked against him and is now a healthy, active eleven year-old.

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