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Super Mom: Melissa Estess

Super Mom: Melissa Estess


“I give a high-five to all the working moms who have a pile of laundry that hasn’t been folded and a sink full of dishes…”

Melissa Estess

They say you can’t have it all, but the fact of the matter is that having it all comes down to one very basic thing: balance. It’s a simple concept, but it’s often difficult to achieve—especially for those who have work lives to balance with personal lives
that are packed with subcategories of their own. Wife, mother, homemaker, family COO…the roles of female entrepreneurs with families seem to have no end and no time card to punch in or out. While learning to balance it all can be extremely challenging, doing so is an achievement worthy of recognition. It takes strength, determination, and—above all—heart. Heart is something that Melissa Estess, owner of MaeMe and its brick and mortar boutique, The Bridal Boutique by
MaeMe, has in spades. Her strength and determination are certainly attributes that have lent themselves well to her success as a business owner—and as a working wife and mother.

“I feel like balancing family and work is every mom’s struggle. It takes a village to juggle it all—and the grace of God!” she laughs when asked how she manages everything in her busy life. “I’m blessed to have a very hands-on husband who loves to spend time with the kids and is a huge encourager and supporter of my career. I’m home to get my kids on the bus every morning and home when they get off the bus in the evenings. However, I do work most Saturdays—as most retailers can relate to—and I do travel a good bit for bridal market and buying trips, business and leadership conferences, and to visit my consulting clients,” she admits.

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