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Regardless of the age of who may be receiving the news or the kindness with which it is delivered, hearing the word “cancer” instills fear and feelings of uncertainty. It will seem as though time has stopped and that life will never be the same. It’s a life-changing, world-altering word; and while most people go into planning mode about the course of action to take, those courses don’t usually involve a party.

In Chad Landry’s experience, however, these are the very times to throw a party—especially when that party is one that brings awareness and does something as important as raising money that will help fund treatment. As a survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with 25 years since his diagnosis in his rearview mirror, Landry knew firsthand the emotional and physical challenges of going through diagnosis and treatment. Not to mention the financial toll that it takes. While he could have simply taken the victory of his successful battle with cancer and been thankful, he decided to use his own experience to do something of lasting importance. So Chad created a very unique organization that truly proves that everyday alive should be a party.

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